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Choose from a range of decking options

There are a wide range of decking options from composite to wooden. Each has its pros and cons. Decking is a great compliment to existing driveway or swimming pool paving. Request a quote to get a free assessment and get your Decking prices.

Composite Decking

Composite Decking has become very popular recently, and for good reason! It is:

  • More durable and hard-wearing than wooden decking
  • Low maintenance
  • Just as beautiful as wood
  • Incredible value for money
  • Comes in a wide range of attractive colours to suit your outdoor space

This kind of decking is made from an eco-friendly mixture of wood fibres, bonding agents and plastics. There are many cost-effective composite decking options to suit your needs and it all depends on your individual taste.

Wooden Decking

Wooden decking is a beautiful choice for your outdoor decking requirements. It looks authentic, natural and adds a lot of value to your home.

Choose from Hardwood Decking or Treated Pine Decking

Install wooden decking that is ethically sourced and eco-friendly and made from high quality:

  • IPE
  • Garappa
  • Pine
  • Red Balau
  • Massaranduba

Pool Decking

Are you sick and tired of your pool’s paving? A lot of pool paving does nothing to enhance the look of your swimming pool and garden and can be dangerous for little ones.

Pool decking is a modern and stylish solution for the area surrounding your pool. Whether you choose composite pool decking or wooden pool decking, it will be durable and will improve your pool’s appearance for many years.

Pool decking also looks great when paired with a wooden pergola and a nice set of garden furniture.

Decking Maintenance, Repair

Your decking needs periodic maintenance. Composite decking doesn’t need much maintenance but wooden decking requires extra care as it is exposed to the elements.

Don’t take a chance by trying to do what you believe is best for your decking: leave it to the experts and save your time and money!

Get any necessary repairs to your decking. Renew your deck you can have it sand it down and treated with a high-quality product for maximum durability.

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Contact us today to speak to your local Decking Pros agent in Durban. Decking Pros has agents ready to help you with a free on site quote at your home or office. We will measure and give you the best advice for the right advice and all the decking options. Get same day service if you are based in Durban and eThekwini Metro including: 

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Paving Pros

Need Paving done in Durban ?

Paving Pros provides professional residential driveway paving, flagstone paving, industrial paving and paving cleaning services in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and its encompassing regions. Contact Paving Pros for free paving area measurement and quotes in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and KZN

Looking to create a beautiful and relaxing outdoor space?

The outside of your home can be transformed from drab and ordinary to stylish and fabulous by having decking installed. 

An experienced decking company can help you with:
- New deck installations
- Repairs and maintenance for all kinds of decks
- Customized decking solutions
- Evaluations and decking recommendations

Add value to your property

There are many great reasons to have high quality decking installed for your home:
- Improves the enjoyment of your outdoor space
- Enhances the look of your home and increases its value
- Provides a comfortable and beautiful place to relax outside

A professional decking company like Decking Pros can evaluate the area to be decked and provide you with a recommendation on the best option, and then send you a quotation.



Should I go for composite or wooden decking?
This is a tough choice to make but it all depends on what you want from your deck. Composite decking is much more long-lasting and durable and can resist the effects of the sun, rain, etc. 

It is more expensive but probably worth it in the long run. Wooden decking looks authentic and natural and is ideal if you want to keep a natural look and feel to your outdoor space. It is slightly cheaper than composite but does require periodic maintenance.
How long will my wooden deck last me?
Wooden decking, while not as long-lasting as composite decking, should last you several decades and longer, if you are committed to regular maintenance. It’s a great investment!
Won’t my deck become slippery at times?
Yes, but there are easy ways to avoid this. As long as you sweep your deck regularly and clean it when necessary to remove embedded debris and trapped moisture, it should not be slippery. If you are still concerned about it being slippery and people falling on it, try using an anti-slip decking oil that is available from one of the local decking companies on this platform.
I’ve heard that decking attracts pests / rats underneath: is this true?
This is an urban myth because the underside of decking is very inhospitable to rats. The area underneath your decking will have been sealed so there will be very little or no food for the rats.
Do I need planning permission for my new decking?
No, not normally. As long as you are installing decking on your own property and it doesn’t affect your neighbours or other people, there is no reason why you should need permission.
My garden is sloped: can I still have a deck installed?
Yes! You absolutely can. A sloped garden makes little to no difference when your deck is installed and your decking company can easily work around this. They will provide you with a completely flat decking solution that will actually improve your outdoor space.
How do I clean my wooden or composite decking?
Firstly, we recommend avoiding using a pressure washer as this could damage your decking. Rather take a stiff brush and get rid of any excess dirt and debris (after sweeping it). If there is still dirt, you can gently hose it down with some water and a mild cleaning solution.
Is it ok to put heavy pot plants and garden furniture on my decking?
Yes, it is perfectly fine. Your decking has been installed with this in mind and is very durable and strong.
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