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Treated Pine Decking

Affordability: One of the most cost-effective decking materials without compromising on quality.

Durability: Enhanced resistance to rot, fungal decay, and insect infestation, extending the lifespan.

Sustainability: Fast-growing, more sustainable option compared to hardwoods.

Are you thinking of installing a deck at your home? A treated pine deck is a solution to strongly consider due to its: 

  • Affordability: Treated pine is one of the most cost-effective decking materials on the market, offering significant savings without compromising on quality or appearance.
  • Durability: The treatment process imbues the pine with enhanced resistance to rot, fungal decay, and insect infestation, extending the lifespan of your deck.
  • Versatility: Treated pine can be stained or painted in a variety of colors, allowing for customization to fit any design aesthetic.
  • Sustainability: Pine is a fast-growing resource, making treated pine decking a more sustainable option compared to some hardwoods.
  • Ease of Installation: Treated pine is lightweight and easy to work with, making the installation process quicker and less labor-intensive.

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Transform Your Home With Your Dream Deck!

We also build decks specifically for your home or company. Our decks are a professional addition to your property that is eye-catching on multiple levels. They include a one-of-a-kind extension that makes room for your company. Add a tiered deck with different levels for special corporate events and parties.

Alternatively, a small patio deck can be added to provide a private, shady area for client consultations. The exterior deck offers an appealing, comfortable, and informal setting for your customers to feel at ease.

Treated Pine Decking: An Affordable Solution for a Classic Outdoor Look

Treated pine decking is a testament to the beauty and practicality of choosing a more accessible material without sacrificing the classic aesthetic of a well-crafted outdoor space. Known for its affordability, treated pine allows homeowners to create a warm, inviting outdoor area that blends seamlessly with the natural environment. Its treatment process enhances the wood's resistance to decay, insects, and moisture, making it a durable option for decking. Beyond its general appeal, treated pine decking can be finished in various styles to suit any design preference, offering unique benefits and aesthetic qualities. Let's delve into the distinct types of treated pine decking finishes available: Reeded, Ribbed, and Smooth, to help you decide which aligns with your vision for the perfect outdoor retreat.

Reeded Treated Pine Decking

Composite decking is an excellent choice for pool areas, thanks to its moisture-resistant properties. Unlike traditional wood, it doesn't warp, rot, or splinter when exposed to water, making it safe for bare feet and lively poolside activities. Its slip-resistant surface also enhances safety, reducing the risk of slips and falls around the pool. With composite decking, pool areas become a worry-free zone for families to enjoy.

Ribbed Treated Pine Decking

Similar to reeded decking, Ribbed Treated pine decking includes a textured surface with grooves or ridges along the length of the boards. This added texture improves underfoot grip, making it a wise choice for decking areas that are frequently wet. The ribbed pattern not only increases safety but also adds a dynamic visual element, creating an interplay of light and shadow that highlights the natural charm of the pine. The tactile quality of ribbed decking adds depth and character to any outdoor setting.

Smooth Treated Pine Decking

For those who favour a minimalist or contemporary design, Smooth Treated Pine decking provides a sleek and refined finish. Free from grooves or texturing, smooth decking allows the natural beauty of the treated pine to shine through, showcasing its grain patterns and subtle colour variations. This finish is particularly well-suited to modern architectural styles that emphasize clean lines and smooth surfaces. While Smooth Treated Pine decking may require occasional maintenance to preserve its slip resistance, particularly in damp conditions, its aesthetic appeal and affordability make it a popular choice for those seeking a stylish yet cost-effective outdoor living area.

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FAQ Treated Pine Decking

What are the main benefits of treated pine decking?

Composite decking is a durable and low-maintenance decking material made from a blend of wood fibres and plastic materials. It is designed to look like natural wood but with the added benefits of increased durability and reduced maintenance. Composite decking is resistant to warping, rotting, and insect damage, making it a popular choice for outdoor living spaces in South Africa.

How long does treated pine decking last?

With proper maintenance, treated pine decking can last 15 to 20 years or more. The lifespan of your deck will depend on factors such as the quality of the wood treatment, the climate, and how well the deck is maintained over the years. Regular cleaning and periodic resealing or staining can help extend the life of your treated pine deck.

How does treated pine decking compare in cost to other decking materials?

Treated pine decking is among the most cost-effective decking options available. It provides homeowners with a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive materials like hardwood, without compromising on the aesthetic and functional benefits of a deck. The exact cost can vary based on factors such as the size of the deck and additional features, but it generally offers significant savings.

Can treated pine decking be painted or stained?

Yes, one of the great advantages of treated pine decking is its ability to be either painted or stained to match any colour scheme or design aesthetic. This allows for greater flexibility in integrating your deck with the overall look of your home and outdoor space. It's recommended to wait until the wood is fully dry before applying paint or stain, which can take several weeks after installation.

Is treated pine decking environmentally friendly?

Treated pine is considered a more sustainable option compared to some other decking materials, as pine is a fast-growing and widely available resource. Additionally, many suppliers source their pine from sustainably managed forests, further reducing the environmental impact. Choosing treated pine decking supports the use of renewable resources and contributes to more sustainable construction practices.