2400mm Plastic PVC-ASA Woodgrain Effect Decking Board


The 2400mm Plastic PVC-ASA Woodgrain Effect Decking Board offers an extended length for broader coverage, combining the timeless elegance of wood with the practicality and durability of advanced composite materials. This board is backed by a 20-year structural guarantee, ensuring a long-lasting, beautiful outdoor living space.

Key Features:

  • Weather Resistance: Incorporates ASA resin, providing top-tier protection against UV rays and adverse weather conditions.
  • Durability: Designed to resist moisture, mould, mildew, and rot, maintaining its integrity over time.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple cleaning with soap and water is all that’s needed to keep the deck looking pristine.
  • Natural Appearance: Delivers a wood-like look with multiple colour options and a detailed wood grain texture.


  • Dimensions: 2400mm x 200mm x 32mm
  • Weight: Approximately 12.15kg
  • Material: Made from a blend of recycled HDPE & wood filler, finished with a durable ASA coating.

Ideal for larger projects, this decking board enhances any outdoor area with the charm and warmth of wood


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