Composite Decking: 4 Everdeck Oyster



Introducing the 4 Everdeck Oyster composite decking, a premium choice for those seeking to add a touch of coastal elegance to their outdoor living spaces. This range features a light beige colour reminiscent of driftwood, perfect for complementing the serene aesthetic of a beach house or any outdoor area desiring a bright, airy feel.

Colour and Design The Oyster color offers a soft, light beige hue that captures the essence of coastal living and natural driftwood. Its neutral tone provides a versatile backdrop that can easily blend with a variety of outdoor furniture styles and landscaping themes, enhancing the overall ambiance of your outdoor retreat.

Reversible Double-Sided Boards Each board in the Oyster range is thoughtfully designed to be reversible, featuring unique patterns on both faces. This innovative feature allows you to personalize the appearance of your deck according to your design preferences, or to refresh the look in the future without the need for complete replacement.

Safety and Durability Safety is a priority with the 4 Everdeck Oyster decking, which includes a brushed anti-slip finish to ensure a secure walking surface. Constructed from high-quality composite materials, these boards are durable and can be easily worked with standard woodworking tools, making installation a breeze.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance The decking boards are secured using a concealed decking clip system, providing a clean, screw-free surface. Designed to be supported every 350mm by a solid joist, the 4 Everdeck Oyster decking offers a stable and long-lasting outdoor flooring solution. Enjoy the benefits of no maintenance, easy cleaning, and a splinter-free decking experience, giving you more time to relax and entertain outdoors.

Longevity and Guarantee With a 10-year guarantee, the 4 Everdeck Oyster composite decking is built to endure, ensuring that your outdoor space remains beautiful and functional for years to come. The composite material is resistant to the elements, wear, and tear, making it a smart investment for your home.

Dimensions and Color Options Each decking board measures 5.8 meters in length, 150mm in width, and 25mm in thickness, ideal for a wide range of decking projects, from small patios to large entertaining areas. Besides the serene Oyster, this range is also available in Chocolate Brown, Cocoa Brown, and Charcoal Grey, offering a variety of options to match your outdoor design vision.

Elevate your outdoor living experience with the 4 Everdeck Oyster composite decking. Its combination of aesthetic beauty, practical features, and environmental benefits make it the perfect choice for creating a stunning, maintenance-free outdoor oasis that captures the essence of coastal charm.


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